Men's Interstate Paddle League

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  • A: Upper Ridgewood 1 defeated Ridgewood 1
  • B: Englewood 1 defeated Knickerbocker 1
  • C: Ridgewood 2 defeated Englewood 2
  • D: Indian Trail 6 defeated Ridgewood 3
  • E: Knickerbocker 3 defeated Brookside 3
  • F: Ridgewood 5 defeated Indian Trail 9
  • A: Indian Trail 1 defeated Upper Ridgewood 1
  • B: Brookside 1 defeated Englewood 1
  • C: Indian Trail 4 defeated Brookside 2
  • D: Tuxedo 2 defeated Upper Ridgewood 3
  • E: Ridgewood 4 defeated Upper Ridgewood 4
  • F: Tuxedo 3 defeated Nyack 5

Please see the Matches Played menu option under Reports above for a list if matches played by person. Each person must have play at least 5 matches for a team (i.e. Brookside 2, not just Brookside) to be eligible for the playoffs.

One last note for the end of the season. Thanks to all of you who have helped make it a wonderful success (particularly those that sent photos and score sheets - you know who you are!).


Congratulations to the 2018 - 2019 pennant winners which are listed to the left.

Thank You!

In addition to the captains, several others put in a great deal of work to make the day (and the year) the success that it was:

MIPL Officers & Board Members

  • Bill Brightly - President
  • Bill Dunn - Vice President
  • Rob Mannion - Treasurer
  • Paul Low - Secretary
  • Chris Heffernan
  • Howard Mertz
  • Marc Connolly
  • Ralph Valvano
  • Ray Bascio

Knickerbocker Country Club

  • John Masterson - Arranger in Chief
  • Marco Grangeiro - Club Pro
  • Clarence Hau - Live Streaming
  • Ryan Keenan - GM
  • Nielbo - Great food, as ever

I am sure that I missed others. I apologize, but still appreciate your efforts. Because the A finals were on YouTube, Eric Fey's parents were able to see him play paddle for the first time - well done!

In Conclusion

Captains of teams not making the playoffs are also entitled to a playoff shirt. Please contact Bill Brightly to arrange delivery.

MIPL is a community. We all enjoy getting out for some exercise, beer, and camaraderie. Several of us are active in a private Facebook Group - MIPL Men's Interstate Paddle League

I have posted over 25 photos of yesterday's activities. If you are a Facebook user, search for the group and request to join. All MIPL members are welcome.

Finally, the videos of several matches at Knickerbocker live on in YouTube. Here is a link to assist you in finding them: Knickerbocker Country Club Paddle

See you next year