New Jersey Women's Tennis League

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  • Tuesday April 20, 2021 for Series 1-7
  • Wednesday April 21, 2021 for Series 8-14
  • Tuesday June 15, 2021 for Series 1-7
  • Wednesday June 16, 2021 for Series 8-14
  • It is expected that all players will follow the CDC and NJ recommended guidelines for Covid-19 to determine their eligibility to play. If a player becomes infected or suspects they have been exposed to Covid-19 after playing in a match, they must contact the league President. The league president will then contact the two captains and the club where the match was played. The club and their players will be obligated to abide by the CDC and NJ recommended guidelines, for Covid-19, following possible exposure.
  • Home team Captains are responsible for communicating to their visitors any Guest Restrictions at their respective venues. This may include a venue waiver for play.
  • Home teams will provide bottled water but no food.
  • Players arriving for the second match of the day should not congregate with players from the earlier match.
  • There will be no movement based on the standings at the end of the season. Teams will indicate all players on the weekly scoresheet even if a bye or default was decided ahead of time.