New Jersey Women's Tennis League

Player Registration Page

Below are the steps to follow to get yoruself registered to play in the upcoming season.

Select Yourself

  • Enter your last name in the search box and click the Find Player button
  • Select yourself by clicking the Register Me button
  • New players are those who have never played in any of the leagues covered by this website. If that is you, please register by clicking on the New Player Registrations Process.

Update your Contact Information and Create your Login Credentials

  • Enter your email address and cell phone (these are required fields)
  • Enter a password that is between 5-10 characters inclusive. If you already have a passowrd, you may reuse it (unless it is less than 5 characters)
  • Click the Submit button

Login to Aassign Yourself to a Roster

  • Login using the ID and password from the previous step
  • Assign yourself to a roster from the down down list (this can be changed later if necessary in accordance with your league's rules)

Last Step - Provide Payment to Complete the Process

  • Pay the $15 Registration fee using either the top option - if you have a PayPal account or the bottom if you want to check out as a guest using a credit or debit card.

Need Help?

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