Cacophonix City Software, Inc. was founded in the late eighties with the goal of writing the best software ever written... no wait... that’s not right. It was founded with the goal of making tons of money... no wait... that’s not right either. It was founded on the idea that all of us needed to combine our desire for a creative outlet and our passion for sports.

Over the years we’ve had many more ideas than we could turn into projects and many more projects that died somewhere before they became finished products. We’ve even had other commercially available packages than the two offerings you see on the Ace Sports Admin home page, which have just faded into oblivion.

In fact, we used to offer a sister product to The College Basketball Pool Administrator for football pools called (can you guess...?) - The Pro Football Pool Administrator. It never really sold, probably because football pools are so easy to do in spreadsheets whereas basketball pools are much more complex.

We even had a foray outside of sports with a package called The Commission Calculator. This piece of software allowed you to enter the number of shares and price of a stock and it calculated the commission cost across a range of discount brokers. It also handled bonds and options. You then saw which broker offered the lowest cost commission. This was in the early nineties well before the advent of online trading and fixed commissions. (today some would actually consider this to be a sport).

However, we are always looking for new ideas and suggestions for improvements to our existing products. So feel free to contact us with any ideas. We can be reached by calling (201) 612-0903, by email @ sjccsinc@aol.com or by writing to us at:

        Cacophonix City Software, Inc.
        P.O. Box 1278
        Ridgewood, NJ 07451