Dear College Basketball Fan,

The College Basketball Pool Administrator is designed for people who run their basketball pools by photocopying the brackets out of the newspaper and having the participants fill out the entire grid. This software package works in exactly the same manner and it offers many benefits.

  Time: This package saves you time and effort. After each person's picks and a scoring system have been entered, the software does the rest. This means that all the work is done before the games even begin.

  Accuracy: Since the software does all the calculations, each sheet will be scored correctly. It even computes a potential score to show how many points each person can possibly get with the teams he/she still has alive.

  Reports: You can give the pool participants any one of several reports any time during the tournament. These include the pool standings and different printouts of the tournament brackets.

  Scoring Systems: The software can handle flexible scoring systems. In addition to assigning any number of points per round, you can award bonus or penalty points for certain situations. For example, you can award bonus points to anyone who correctly picks all four of the final four.

  Multiple Pools: This software can easily run as many pools as you can. This can even be done with different scoring systems and different results.

The package was originally developed in the late eighties and is an MS-DOS based program. It runs exactly as designed in the MS-DOS window of any of the current Windows operating systems (3.1, 95, 98, NT, etc).

If you have any questions, please click here on FAQs for a list of Frequently Asked Questions or you may call (201) 612-0903.